I don't like my nephew

I can't stand my 7 1/2-year-old nephew. He was recently diagnosed with A.S. but I think he is just a spoiled brat. he is mean, manipulative, unpleasant, cheerless, ungrateful and extremely mouthy with his mother and father.

Last night after she asked him to sanitize his hands before easting dinner, he responded by carrying the sanitizer pump over to her plate and squirted it right onto her food. She just laughed and tossed the food away and refixed her plate. That's how she "deals" with him, by avoiding conflict at all costs ... Because when he gets mad, he can turn the whole house upside down and go for hours.

If you try to make friendly conversation with him, he refuses, answering "I don't know" in a real snotty tone to any question you ask. He is a major a$$hole-in-the-making and there's not one part of me that likes him or is interested in anything he has to do or say.

I worry about what/who he will grow up to be.

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  • These problems started becoming more prevalent when parents stopped spanking their kids, and started trying to be their best friends. The world is now seriously f***** because the baby boomers are spineless s****.

  • sounds like a reall mess.

    kids like this are the reason i'm scared to death about having my own children.

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