How unusual is this?

OK, so...
I am a 24 year old female who is pretty much normal in most ways...EXCEPT there IS one thing about me which I've been told by friends is really weird, even though I've never felt like it is.

Here goes. I'll just jump right to it:

Basically, I've been told that it's really weird that I let my family see me naked without caring.

I mean, I don't do it ON PURPOSE or anything. But, really, when I'm at home visiting my folks, I never make any effort at all to hide myself like that. I just do what I do when I'm at my own place.

Like, if I'm getting out of the shower and walking back to my room, I may (or may not) bother covering myself with a towel. It depends. Or, if I have to change clothes really quick, I may (or, again, may not) bother to close the door. And, yes -- sometimes, members of my family might see me. But I don't think it's really all that big of a deal.

Yet, my FRIENDS practically freaked out when they were told by ANOTHER friend about it. See, it all started with this one incident recently when my unnamed friend and I were staying at my mom and dad's house for a night, and I went downstairs to grab something from the laundry room without any clothes on. It was just a random thing -- I needed to get something, ran downstairs to get it, and didn't even think about the fact that I was totally naked. Look, why would anyone worry about that in their OWN HOME?

Anyway, my dad happened in the kitchen when I ran down there, and he asked me something as I walked by, so I stopped and answered him. To ME, it was nothing, but my friend FREAKED OUT. She was like, "I can't believe you just did that! You stood there naked and just talked to your dad?!? He SAW you!! YOU'RE CRAZY!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!"

So...again, I guess my question is whether it's actually so strange that I would not care at all if my family sees me undressed, and whether it's weird that THEY never have said anything about it, either (well, except maybe my brother, who has gone "Agh, COME ON!" and averted his eyes on the two or three times when he spotted me unclothed, even though it was funny).

I don't know. To me, it's nothing. I guess I just never hit that undefinable embarrassment milestone when I was growing up where I would suddenly be all MODEST at home. WHO CARES what my family sees? It's not like I'm some sexual object to these people.

But, I guess no one I know thinks the same way. So, I ask I just weird or something???


Jul 8, 2011

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  • My sister walks around naked all the time and I love it who doesn't like looking at a hot naked girl so what if she's my sister. She gives me something to m********* to at nite

  • I say to each their own. If everyone's comfortable with it then who cares? I'm fine being naked around my mom, my sister and some of my friends. I'd be pretty uncomfortable around my brother or dad though.

  • You ARE a s***, actually.

  • Thanks to everyone who has assured me that I'm not weird. I am now convinced that you are right, and I've received TONS of messages saying that the situation I described is normal. In fact, I also asked my mom about it, point blank, and she said that I was being ridiculous for thinking that being naked in my own home might be inappropriate. She said that seeing me that way doesn't bother HER in the slightest, and she's sure Dad doesn't care, either (really, he probably doesn't even notice most of the time). As for the (presumably) woman who called me a "w****" -- how, exactly, does living my life without being ashamed all of the time make me a "w****"??? I feel very sorry for your daughters. And, the person who called me a "s***" -- go to h***. It's obvious YOU are the one who needs help. J***.

  • So do I. But to the O.P. - honestly, what you're doing isn't really a big deal. My family certainly wasn't like that, but that doesn't mean others aren't. Think of it this way: in Europe, almost every family works this way. Not that I'd really know, but the general consensus is that they don't give a s*** about nudity over there. So, in France, you'd be totally typical!

  • You're a s***. There's no getting around it. Original poster, you really are just a s***. What you described is not normal. It really isn't, and you can't explain that.

    You do it because you seriously are a s***, and you want your family to see you naked. Again, it is NOT normal. F****** w****. Get some help.

  • This whole discussion has been shocking and sickening. Sir, your daughter's lack of modesty is outrageous, and I am sorry, but if she runs through your home like that then she is a W****, almost as bad as the person who posted this initial message, whose actions are worse than shameful. If one of my daughters EVER did something like that in our home(and believe me, they would not anyway), I would make VERY sure it never happened again. The loss of modesty in this country is truly shocking. It's even happening in the home now, apparently. SHAME on you, first poster. You will get yours in the end.

  • I have a 15 year old daughter, and she's rather similar to the OP in how she acts sometimes. She'll walk across the house nude without a care in the world, and that's FINE (even though my son, roughly the same age as her, NEVER does that). Hey, it's HER home, too, and it honestly doesn't mean anything at all to me and I don't even think to look or notice. I suppose that, every now and then, I might realize in a general way that I've seen her naked for a second, but I have NEVER had any kind of sexual feeling caused by it whatsoever. The idea that anyone would, or that anyone would think a normal father might somehow get "excited" by such an occurrence, is a little offensive to me, actually. Then again, as a previous commenter said, it's not as though my daughter has ever brazenly stood there like that and talked to me about anything. THAT MIGHT be awkward, in that I'd just be surprised that she would do that. She can do that sort of thing with my wife and I don't think it's unusual, but with her father?? Yeah, that's a little bit weird. Then again, who am I to judge? I guess I wouldn't worry about it too much, if I were you, even though what you've described is not necessarily all that normal.

  • Whatever. What does God have to do with this?

  • You need to get right with God.

  • Its "weird" in that it is not typical. Its not "weird" in that its damaging or necessarily unhealthy. Every family has different boundaries, yours may be outside the range of what's normal, but as long as its non-sexual and no one feels uncomfortable, then don't worry about.

  • It's shameless and disgusting. Barf!

  • Not sure if serious....

  • What you do isn't "weird" at all!

    I do the same thing, and I'm 22. I think it's normal in most families. Why would anyone be ashamed of themselves in their own home?

    My mom walks around in her underwear all of the time and nobody gives a crap in the slightest. I've seen my sister walk nude from the bathroom to her bedroom, and it matters to no one in the world. If I'm undressed and need something from another room, I'll just run and get it. I don't care who sees me at all.

    "Oh NO! My mother, sister, and father saw my b******!" Really? I assure you, it's nothing to them. Who the h*** cares?

    You're normal. Don't worry.

  • For all of you bible thumpers, God never intended us to be clothed! It is only our own sense of shame that makes what she's doing "weird". I think it's great that she does it! Time and place?? It's her house too!!! Granted she shouldn't be prancing in front of windows like that, but I'll walk in the buff in front of my kids. It's not like it's in front of company! Ya prudes!

  • The Lord laid it on my heart to tell you this. It's a sin against God for you to shamelessly parade around naked in front of your family. Though shalt stay clothed in front of others except your husband. You will surely be hellbound if you don't repent and cover yourself up. Selah!

    Rev. John

  • OH MY GOD, people. THANK YOU!
    You have made me feel so much better.

    Here I was, suddenly all nervous and paranoid that my normal behavior was totally inappropriate.

    I'm so glad to see that it's not.

    I mean, ALL of my friends were shocked when they found out that that MY MOM has seen me naked a million times. You can imagine their reaction over the whole "whoever's there" thing.

    Whew. You have really put my mind back at ease.


    --the Original Poster :)

  • This is absolutely nothing strange. I know SO many people who do the same thing. I myself am not quite that open about my body, but my mother, to this day, will stroll around in absolutely nothing. You shouldn't feel ashamed or strange. Your friends are clearly very closed minded and uptight. I promise you, that you are not alone in this situation. Just as long as you and your family are comfortable with this, then I see no problem at all with it. I think you should let your friends know that you have that level of comfortability with your family, and tell them to move past that portion of your personal life if they truly can't accept or understand it.

  • If you and your family are comfortable with it it's no big deal.

  • Its a problem. Check out what the Bible says about Noah's sons. One of them (Ham is his name) saw his father's nakedness, Genesis 9: 18 -29, and he and many of his descendants suffered the consequences. The problem these days, is that most people are biblically illiterate, and have no idea when or how they are offending God. Whether you know it or not, you are still responsible for your sins (offenses against God), and there are extreme consequences. Please find a Bible-believing church, get involved with a Bible Study, and learn the Truth. You must be born again.

  • My naked body is not a sin. On no level is any part of me "WRONG," and in no way could my being unclothed be offensive. Sorry, but the fact is that you're just crazy. I know you don't THINK you are;'re a fanatic.

    --the Original Poster.

  • Listen buddy, loosen up. My mother is one of the most christian woman you'll ever meet and she has no issue strutting around nude in her own home with her family around.

  • I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

  • God I hate people like you. Not religious people, but the religious people who abuse and twist their religion the way you do and push it on others.
    “You shall not round off the side-growth of your heads nor harm the edges of your beard.” -Leviticus 19:27
    So, if you have ever gotten a haircut, or if you are a male and you shave- or even trim your beard, climb on the bus to h***, I'll save you a seat.

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