Is it bad i had fun?

I just want to know is it bad i fun doing this? If anyone can help i'd really like your input. Well a few weeks ago i was at my best friends house, my other friend was over too. We were playing PS3 for hours before we got sick of it. My friends both started googling p*** and there favourite pornstars, I pretended i didn't know any cos i was too shy to admitt i knew pornstars names and had favourite ones to. My friend kept saying that he was as big as the guys, my best friend kept saying theres no way he was. So my best friend got a ruler and they just dropped there pants!! I freaked out! They were just standing there measuring themselves. Finally after them egging me on I dropped my pants and measured. I thought once i did it we'd pull our pants back up. But we didn't and the next morning when we woke up i felt akward about all being naked still and about what we did. I feel weird about it but has anyone else ever done anything like it? Plz help

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  • Not sure what you did, other than look at each other's c**** and stand around naked. To answer your question, yes I've shown my c*** to other guys. I've also put it in their mouths, f***** their a**** and swallowed their loads.I don't know that I'm gay, just a h**** guy.

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