While my BF was away again...

Yesterday while my boyfriend was away day 2 of 5 I had time to go and prepare for our vacation. I had to pamper myself and get my legs waxed. I don't know why I just said pamper, it hurts like a b****. Anyway, I told my wax-lady to go all the way to give me the works, that meant contorting into some pretty interesting positions. She even got me doggy style. All I could think about was how my boyfriend is gonna love this new smooth me... he has had a bushy v***** in his hands for way too long.. I though it was time for a clean, puffy one. I was happy with my new feel, soft and smooth. When I got home (to his place) I just had to test it out and so I went to the bathroom. It was still a little sore from the wax and needed some cooling down. I sat on the toylet and like I usually freshen myself up. I took the glass that was on the sink and filled it with luke warm water. WOW! what a cool feeling .... it was so smooth and fleshy... I started to miss my boyfriends touch even more than I did the night before. So I had to relieve this longing. I pumped some soap onto my fingertips and touched my baby-soft lips. I ran my fingers down and up lathering it and smoothing the suds up and down..... My entire body was tingling.. I leaned back on the seat and anchored my legs on the floor because the pleasure was taking over and I had to brace myself for a tremendous orgazm. Then the wayves started to roll in and I took myself over the top. Whoa! that was intense.. I felt so guilty that my boyfriend wasn't there... but , I'll tell him all about it when I get a chance.... I hope that he misses me too and it brings him pleasure to know what I am doing at home.

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  • Good job getting rid of that big ol' bush.

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