I just don't

I came out of a mental facility earlier this year and my parents paid for piano lessons, using all of their savings, for something i'd wanted for a long time.

my teacher is sexually abusing me.

he told me numerous times that nobody would believe me if i told them, i have a history of hallucinations and lying and it would be pointless.

everything i've ever heard about him has been complimentary. all of his students talk about how nice and kind he is and how he'd never hurt a fly. these students are generally brilliant and clever.

i'm not brilliant. i'm not pretty. i'm not remotely attractive or talented or even a little interesting. and i don't understand why it was me it happened to.

Jul 20, 2011

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  • Smack the hoe down, girl you are strong :) and it would help your parents since u can sue for lots of money :3

  • i am sure u have mobile and all off them have cams in them so just set it up to record and put it on you and f*** his stupid life up

  • If you go back, get a digital tape recorder and conceal it about your person so you can record his admission and comments, then play it for your parents.

  • Please find someone you can trust to tell about this. This is something you shouldn't have to handle alone. That's the way predators work. They tell you no one will believe you. Someone will. Find that person.

  • you may not be his only victim - if you come forward others might have the same story and back you up - tell your parents or call the police even if they don't believe you - tell them you want a new teacher at least

  • Someone will believe you i promise.

  • Tell him you really are crazy and if he touches you again you'll cut his b**** off and send them to your parents and anyone else he thinks won't believe you!

  • ^ oh yeah! don't let ANY b**** try to throw you around like that!

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