Office Hatred

We all have that coworker we can't stand. This hate/hate relationship has gone on for all of the 3 years I've worked with this woman. She's relentless. She makes personal calls on the company phone and drags everyone into her drama. She actually searches for computer problems so she can be the first person to announce it to me, while I sit here and pretend I give a s***.

Anyway, earlier this week her fridge died. She spent an entire day calling on her company phone to order a new fridge. Others in her department had to pick up after her slack.

She also eats food others bring, regardless of whether a name is on the food or not.

Well, today, I got bored and wanted coffee. I open the fridge to see a bottle of coffee creamer with her name on it. And it was freshly opened.

Yeah. Poured it down the sink. It's not much, but it's the knowledge I made her life a little less convenient will aid my sleep at night.

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  • You know i can sort of relate to this we had a stupid b**** at our place she was the company's health and safety supervisor(in other words a complete jobsworth) bossing people around, over writing the managers, running around like she was the CO or something. Anyway next time you find her coffee don't empty down the sink instead open some laxatives and mixed them into the coffee (mix them well) and sit back and enjoy watching the b**** run to the can all day.

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