Worried About Mom's Health

My mom claims to be on a diet, but everyone knows she isn't. She will cut certain foods out when she has an audience, but as soon as she thinks she's alone, she eats almost nothing but junk food.

"No, i can't have pasta."
"Don't ask me to eat bread, i can't have that."
"I'm not going to buy cheese this week."

She says this, but she'll consume an entire gallon of ice cream in an hour, watching television. Sometimes she will eat non stop, until she has to take her pants off because she's bloating so much.

She comes home from work, and goes straight to the fridge. After she eats dinner, she rounds up a bunch of snacks, goes into her room, and locks the door. She blasts the television, and gets into bed, where she stays until the next morning. No exorcise. Barely any interaction with her family. Only food, television, and sleep.

I wouldn't be as worried if she made an effort to take care of herself. But i don't see her eating fruits or veggies anymore. She rarely goes outside unless she has to. I don't think she has touched a treadmill in AT LEAST two years. My father and other family members have begged her to hire a personal trainer, or to ban sweets. She promises that she'll get better, but she hasn't attempted to keep her word yet.

My mother is 42 years old, 5'3, and nearing 300 pounds. She has hip/back pains every other day, along with muscle aches. On a good day, she can make it up the stairs without pausing to take a breather. On a bad day, it can take her 10-15 minutes to climb 30 steps.

I'm sincerely worried about my mom, but she won't listen to anyone or change her ways. How do i make a person like this see to reason?

Serious suggestions and solutions are appreciated. Thanks.


Jul 21, 2018

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  • Did anything work out? How's your mom?

  • I bet her bottom smells so so moist and fudgy!!
    The cloying scent of fatty woman's bum bum!!

    I bet she would give


    For a small tub of ben and Jerry's

  • Take the curtains out of that room. It's her seclusion that allows her to not face her actions. Eat quickly at supper and clear the plate. It might show how much time is used shovelling food in your mouth when she's trying to eat so fast she doesn't finish chewing before taking another bite.

  • This isn't just about food, this is about mental health. She has depression. Food is just her drug of choice. She eats because she's in pain and probably knows how big she is getting, but it's not enough of a motivator for her to change. There's no guarantee that if you were to say to her that you are worried about her and would like for her to seek help - that she will. Hopefully, know you care and are concerned will be a wakeup call for her to get help. But it's a start. Maybe even find a therapist so that she can get an appointment. Once she can start to deal with her problems - then she can tackle eating and exercising. But one thing at a time.

  • Let her die...it's of no use

  • People eat alot and dont exercise, i get that. But not interacting with family and keeping herself in isolation to snack? Thats just wrong. Have a talk with her, if you can do it while shes eating locked up in her room so she can feel ashamed and make a change do it. Use the excuse of her not interacting with family and not leaving her house unless necessary then bring up the fact that your scared of her health. Suger coat the h*** out of her eating habits cause if your straightup with her she might just feel depressed cause at that age and 300lbs theres not much you can do besides put in alot of effort.

  • A person doesn't seem to value family members opinions as you told you begged her which was not fruitful. Do one thing then start degrading her for her obesity and being a food freak by your friends or from her work(who are not known to her). The idea behind it is to make her realize what she's doin. Once she will know that people are noticing her will make her embarrass. But to what extent this should be done it depends upon you and her psychology as this might prove negative. Good luck

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