Gf pigging out

I met this girl who is quite fat (OK, very fat). For some reason I am very attracted to her. She needed a place to crash, so I got her to move in with me. We live in the southwestern US where it tends to be hot, even in the cold months, and there is no AC in my place. Well, a number of times, I've found this girl sitting in front of my side-by-side fridge with both doors open and pigging out on what's in the fridge. I found this very strange, but didn't say anything, because, it actually turned me on as I watched. She also seems to use my fridge as an air conditioner, because twice now I came down to the kitchen late at night and she was sitting with both fridge doors open with her back to the fridge and she was sound asleep. This can't be good for my fridge. But I'm reluctant to say anything to her because I find myself falling for her and don't want her to leave.

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  • Why arent you f****** her fat p****?

  • Ditch the pig b****

  • Put the gf on restrictions. Put a lock on the fridge.
    Make her lose weight.

  • Get your self an air condition, bet she'll give you some really good reward for it, let us know if you did and what happened. like big girls my self so i can relate.

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