Loving My Brother?

Not so long ago, I went to go visit my brother.
I usually do every year because he lives so far away, and usually stay there for 2 weeks.
We were alone, and for some reason,
I ended up making out with him.
He's 24...and I'm 14.
And. That wasn't the last time we kissed.
Later on that week, we started to make out some more,
and then we started to touch each other.
He's done some other stuff to me.
And I'm not sure if I consider it as a rape. O__o
I mean, I don't feel any different.
And My brother is a sweet guy,
...he is different from other guys..
And I don't think his intentions are what usually rapist are.
It's not like a habit, and we don't feel awkward about it.
We still talk and laugh and have fun.
So I thought maybe..I should just forget about it.
But later on that week.
He confessed to me that he loves me so much, and that he wants to protect me and always be there to make me smile.
He said I am beautiful, and the only one he can trust.
When I'm with him, he feels like a better person, the only person who he can have pure, blissful, honest feelings.
It's funny because usually I saw him so serious and closed up.
The feeling of him opening up to me was amazing.
And personally, I think I feel in love with him.
But, here is the thing, back at where I live,
there is this guy..that I like,
or at least I think I like him, and I think he likes me.
He's a sweet heart, but he isn't amazing like my brother.
I don't really have anyone to talk to because,
they'll say "eww it's nasty"
But, I'm in love with him, and even if we removed the sexual tension that happens between us.
I'll still love him.
But I'm afraid..
what if this gets out..
and he gets arrested??
For me being under age.
I'm not sure if I'm alone or not.
If he told me to forget everything that happened.
H***, I'd do as I am told.
I can forget this ever happened if I wanted too.
But there is always going to be a part of me saying.
"Hey Kenia, in the end, You know you love Him"
The huge problem is..
He's my brother for crying out Loud..

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  • That's sweet in an odd way. As long as you don't reproduce, love away.

  • He wouldnt just get arrested for you being underaged. Incest in illegal too.?

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