I Want to Fight

I'm a 19 year old thats very passive. I avoid conflict and don't stand up for myself a lot. But now I fantasize about getting into a legit street fight. The adrenaline dump of feeling in danger while fighting back seems thrilling. I live right next to a major city and go there sometime. There are plenty of people that will fight you if you look at them for more than a glance (happened to me).

The feeling of fighting and not having any disciplinary action seems awesome. Walking away with blood shooting out of my noes, dizzy and bruised. If I'm kicking the guys ass and he asks for mercy I would stop out of common decency (he's a fellow human being). I wouldn't do anything to him that I wouldn't want him doing to me.

I don't want to be pronounced dead at the same hospital that I was born at though.

Sep 15, 2020

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  • Then fight. Get into boxing. MMA. Anything that will help get that out. Your passive agressive. Go hit something safely.

  • My wife and I met at church. She believes as I do that women should be passive. She just lies there during s**. Completely relaxed. Never has an o*****. It's like f****** a s** doll.

  • I remember a guy name brad at school. I don't remember what the fight was about. the guy was pushing brad it was going on for about 2 minutes. I think brad was stalling hoping a teacher was going to step in. will brad pulled the guy the last time in a middle of a push. the guy grabbed him in a headlock punching in away all the way to the ground. beat him up badly he was helpless I wanted to stop it. I could not get through finally a teach stop it. brad was a b***** mess. barley walking to the office. his girlfriend teased him and all.

  • Damn

  • Too bad. The rest of us wouldn't mind that last sentence happening.

  • Life was not fun. Its just the beginning

  • Gutts gets girls 💪💪

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