I dont know what to do

I lost my virginity to my (sort of used to be 'best')friend's ex and he told me he loved me. Me and him were friends before they started going out, always something there you know. Then they got together and she f***** him over completely, s*******/going out with about 5 different guys whilst in her long term relationship with him. Anyway he and I would still go out often and we'd drink and talk all night till the sun came up. However the last time, we slept together too. I know they're not together anymore but what kills me so much is that he still loves her, and if she offers to be with him again he'll say yes. Which would be okay because I want him to do whatever makes him happy because he deserves it, but she's still f****** around with loads of different people. She'll hurt him again. I wouldn't do that.

I'm horribly confused and guilty and I haven't spoke to him since. I don't know what to do.

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  • Men don't appreciate girls who are good for them. You'll probably be best off if you completely leave off of him for a couple of months and then re-contacting him and then going from there.

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