Im a Relationship Sociopath

Im currently dating two men both are handsome both have money and both try their best to give me everything they can. the first one ive been with for almost 3 years his s** is amazing and we've been through h*** and back. the other one i just started dating him he looks like a model physically attractive and he has an awesome personality but he c*** is small and his s** is wack.... but hes so sweet he consantly tells me that he really likes me he that he has trust issues with females, but for some weird reason he trusts me ALOT he said he doesnt see it in me to cheat on him. i lay in bed for hours with this guy and we have deep coversations about love trust and our relationship. then when he leaves my apartment i call my hubby and tell him i miss him. i dont feel guilty> im always going to be a 2 man woman. dont hate crook just respect my jooks.


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  • You are no different than a prostitute.. F****** b****

  • I think you're bi cause that second guy sounds like a woman.

  • lol well i have a fantasy of being with a woman... but im pretty sure i love men..

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