I hate religion

I hate everything that ever came from the jewish religion. The jews invented a religion so evil and toxic to human reason that its just frightening to me.

If the jewish religion wasnt bad enough (I mean, for f**** sake, the jews think theyre GODS CHOSEN PEOPLE) then came christianity, and I dont think we need to point out all the issues with that piece of s*** religion, and then Islam.

Both Europeans and Arabs had far FAR superior cultures prior to that toxic nonsense invading and destroying the two cultures ability to reason. We shouldnt be fighting each other, we should be consoling each other, and helping one and other remove the psychological scars of self hate that the scummiest religion of all time inflicted upon us.

I dont hate jews who arent religious, but if youre really religious, chances are youre a zionist, and you think the Israeli occupation of Palestine is legitimate, and I f****** hate you.

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  • I think you need to broaden your horizons.
    There are some wonderful Christians and Jews who would change your opinion of them.

  • Israel is God's chosen people and the hate that they get only shows that they truly are. When evil men hate you, you know you're doing something right. Christians are inward Jews and of God's chosen people because they are grafted in through Christ Jesus and they get just as much hate because they truly are God's chosen people.

  • everyone totally gets the "God's chosen people thing totally wrong." Ok first of all if there is such a thing called the Ten Commandments then whether you think you are a "chosen" person doesnt mean s***!. If you dont follow the commandments you "chosen" stupid ass is going to h***!. 2nd of all it never states that Jews are God's chosen people in the Bible.

    thirdly, thats just a figure of speech meaning. The Jews at that time were open to a monothestic religion. In other words, They were the ones who had an open ear to God.... in another way of stating this they were chosen...

    Like a man who walks by a burning building and decides to act as a hero and save a life from the fire. He was chosen by God to save the person. He wasn't really chosen by God but it was a miracle just as if he was chosen by god to be there at that moment....

    This is what the phrase means... Jews were the ones that were open to a singular God.

    It does not mean that all Jews get to be a VIP person on earth and do whatever the h*** they want until its time to go to Heaven...HAHAHAHA thats f****** bullshit! A lot of them are still going to H***!!!

  • I'll proably catch some flak for this, but I personally think that Hitler killing jews was funny as f***.

    Know why? The jews beleived they were the chosen/superior race. Here along comes the germans pulling the same s*** and eventually killing the other 'superior' race.

  • And ^that^ sums up the human species quite nicely. We refuse to evolve past it, too.

  • I love you and i think israel should blow palestine off the map! I love you soooo much!
    have a good day my friend.

  • In the same respect, Christianity helped to keep Europe from going back to tribal states completely after the fall of Civilized Rome. The jews, who lived by their religion, and despite being hated by then entire world are still around today... And Islamic culture pre-Jihad was revolutionary for the time, and helped to launch the Muslim countries into a time of prosperity in culture and power. And yes, perhaps religion has become more of a bother now a days, but at one time, it was a bonding for culture and was an explanation for those who didn't have science at their disposal. This is coming from a historians point of view, and I'm Atheist.

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