The best bad idea you ever had

was when you decided to knock on my hotel room door after we had both 'gone to bed'. When I opened the door in my sleeping clothes (not much clothing at all really) you ran your hand up behind my neck through my hair and kissed me. From there it was me that took control. If you didn't want me you wouldn't have kissed me like that. And after all, you were the one that arranged for just the two of us to attend that training seminar. You were the one that booked the rooms right next to each other. You wanted it as much as I did. You were the one that knocked on my door at midnight. And it was just as good as I had always imagined. You thought so too, I know you did. We were both sweating and panting and smiling and drinking bottles of water when we were done. It was amazing. I don't regret a thing. In fact, I hope it happens again. I wonder what tomorrow will be like back at the office. The ride home was great and fun and really comfortable, but what will you act like once we're back in the cube jungle? I just hope you smile at me. A smile in tomorrow morning would let me know you and I are cool and everything is okay. Yes, we are both married but this isn't about that. This is about us. There's a 'you and her' and there's a 'me and him' but this is completely different. I have no regrets.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • If she's a w**** then so is he. Whores abound.

  • you my dear friend are nothing but a h***....leave alone how his wife would feel if she found out would you husband feel...I hope he gave you HIV...s***

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