What am I going to do?

This girl and I have been best friends for 12 years. We always hang out together, we know eachother so well were practically sisters. Her younger brother and I also fought like siblings, but we had a good friendship too.

Well, last summer things began to change. I kept getting ideas that he had a crush on me. He never came out and said it, but he hinted to me a lot in text messages. He put his arm around me a couple of times too. I know that might not mean anything, but if you knew this kid you would probly agree with me.

At first the idea kind of bothered me. I was sort of creeped out and afraid he would make a move. But, I kept thinking about it more and more. Somehow I managed to think myself into liking him too. I didn't want that to happen it just sort of did.

It is now a year later and the only thing that has happened is that I like him way more than I ever thought possible. He still hasn't said anything to me. We act like were still really close friends, but I cant stop thinking about him.

Now I wonder if I have thought this all up on my own, like I imagined everything. I am stuck in this mess and practically in love with him. Everyday I hope that there is still a chance, but then I wonder if he only looks at me as his sister's friend and nothing more.

I hate this situation I am in. I can't do anything to stop myself from thinking about him. I cant turn to my best friend for the help on this one. I could work to get my mind off things, but I work for his mother.

The worst part of it all though, is that I have no one to tell. I don't think his sister would care if I told her but Im worried it would be awkward and ruin our friendship. I tried telling another friend but she wasn't much help with it. I just want things to back to normal, like a couple of years ago when he annoyed me so much I wanted to punch him in the face

Sep 16, 2011

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  • It doesn't sound like you actually want to be with him to me. My advice, Look for a boyfriend, someone who can get him off of your mind. If you really wanted to be with him then you wouldn't be saying that you want things to be back how they were. You would be saying that you want to be with him, which you obviously don't. So, be with someone else.

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