I want to be loved, is that so wrong?

I constantly find myself considering having s** with the guy that shows me even the slightest amount of attention.
You think I'm pretty? I'll suck your d***.
You want to date me? Sure, you can get into my pants.
Tell me all the things I want to hear, and you're sure to get laid.

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  • This comes from lacking within yourself. The more disconnected people are from their own being, the more they seek attention outside themselves to fill the voids of what they're lacking. It's a form of having a really destroyed self esteem.

    You need to break this. I wouldn't be able to be with you, because I wouldn't know if your affection toward me is because you have it, or if it's because of my saying something nice to you. That's where relationships go from being real, to materially fake. You don't love, respect or appreciate yourself, therefore you seek the attention of others to provide you with your own lacking. It's true that guys want to get laid. But a guy who is true with you, will only desire being in you, and no one else. Not because he couldn't get laid by another, but because of his choice that you are the one he wants to be with. Doing it your way, it'd be hard to discern who is with you to get in your pants, and who is with you because they enjoy being with you.

  • I used to be like that too. If I wasn't married now I probably still would be lol.

  • I think you write like a poet and sound amazing? Now do I get a shot at you?

  • know the feeling, not sure I've broken that one yet either.

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