When is it coming and how will i Know


Ladies , by reading the title I'm assuming you know what im talking about. if you havent figured it out yet, its my period. all of mr friends have theirs and im just wanting to know when its coming ? Let me give you some information about me ...

I am 12 years old and Im almost 13. i am in middle school, and I have had hair for about 1 yr - 1   1/2 yrs. My b**** have just started to grow, but im still only a 36 A. i have had discharge for about 6 months - 10 months. Most people say discharge starts a month before period but not me ! I have been masturbating since about June 2011. Its September 2011. So, I wanted to really know if you older more expirenced (if ya knoww what i meann) girls out there could give me some of the signs you had before you started your periods, possibly 1 - 2 week signs so that I know what to expect. i already have pads in my locker and I just wanted to know some warning signs

oh ! another thing. umm,, what are some signs that morning that you are going to get your period that day ? just so you know I havent been spotting either, and my discharge is white and gooey. I would really like some help to know how to be prepared as well. 

In the Middle school hallways; my school allows you to carry small drawstring bags to carry your folders and stuff. I was wonderig if I should put the pads in there, incase i et caught off gaurd ? im just afraid that if i put the pads in there, and my bag falls over and my pads fall out that it would be embarrassing. yes the pads are in a small baggy thingyy but i just dont know what to do ?

Help please ?

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  • Freak!

  • 100 pounds is a telltale marker that it's on it's way. What do you weigh?

  • Sounds like you're getting close. I would maybe put the pads in a zipper pouch then put em in your drawstring bag. If someone see's them (mainly boys) remember they are WAY more embaressed about it! Good luck!

  • You will notice some cramps in your stomach about 3 days prior to your periods, most periods come early in the morning as well so I'm sure you most likely will get them at your home. Trust me I know it seems exciting but after you have them for a while you get sick of getting your period and wish you never had them.

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