Weirdest 1st break up i will ever have

I definetly messed up. For three weeks, my boyfriend and I went out, then all of a sudden I broke up with him. That part is still a blur to me.

You know how some guys are, their nice to you one day, then the next time you see them, they changed COMPLETELY! That was mine.

So, we went out. At our school dance, he met my girl friends from a different school, and started flirting with them. RIGHT INFRONT OF ME! I went on with my business, and he would turn up hugging me, then hugging other girls! He did the same thing with slow dancing. He danced with one girl to make me jealous. Total bull.

Plus, he was still thinking that it would be fine to do that. So that night we broke. He then asked me of he wanted to start over, then said that he changed his mind, and would rather go with my friend, Frankie. He doesnt know her!

Our friend, John, told me that he still cares about me, and still wants to hook up. Problem is, he is a total ass during school towards me.

I need advice. I mean I kind of have feelings for him, but they're going away slowly. What should I do?

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  • He is playing a game boys like to play. It is like holding something in front of your face then snatching it away. To make you beg. If he is already an ass he will not get any better. Only worse. Trust me.

  • O please Run from this guy. Run run RUN!! This guy is a classic manipulator. He is thrown you all kind of mixed messages so much that you can't even sort thru the Bullshit. N what do you mean by hook up? because if you mean that he still wants to f***.. Ummm yea he's a guy. He wants to f*** with your head and probably other girls heads and s**** you all. Just because a guy wants to s**** doesn't mean he wants you. N why the h*** would you want to be with a guy that could careless about your feelings. He tells you he wants to go out with your friend. Girl get a damn backbone use your legs and walk the f*** away from this Loser. If you don't guaranteed to get your heartbroken and probably lose your friends.

  • Sounds like a real loser and player. I would just move on and forget about him.

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