Our dirty little secret

My husband and I (been together four years, married two) had s** today... nothing exciting there right? For us it was..

A bit of back ground info, we don't live together atm, just moved back from interstate, im staying with my family and him with his, they don't like me and mine don't like him!

We've been apart a few weeks, catching up every couple of days, today we were both in the mood... out and about in perth city we decided to pop into a baby change room to 'fix our 'problem.

As soon as we'd locked the door we were upon each other, we just couldn't get enough, kissing, biting, touching, licking, our bodies screamed to be together, unable to control myself I undid his bet and pulled down his jeans, playfully pushing him into the chair, there I took his hot, hard c*** In my mouth, I love his salty taste, for a good five minutes I sucked him, hard and fast, soft and deep, his hands on my head moaning softly and guiding my mouth, hearing him in such pleasure drives me insane!!

In no time at all and unable to maintain composure any longer I had removed my pants and carefully climbed into his lap, slowly guiding him into me, we moved slowly enjoying the tightness and resistance, (it had been nearly 3 weeks, I needed him so badly) kissing. Gently and running our hands over one another..

shortly the animals inside us took over and we f***** like crazy, him sitting in this chair and me with my arms and legs wrapped around him, he pumping up into me and me pushing hard onto him, feeling him fill every inch of me while softly nibbling on his ear, biting his neck and , trying my very hardest not to scream, (im anything but quiet when it comes to s**)

The feel of him inside me, his warm soft hands on my breast, I could smell his soft, manly scent, lost in our soft deep kisses. , his low erotic moans and grunts of pleasure, it was all too much, I couldn't hold back any longer, and with a few deep hard thrusts (and a bite on his shoulder so I couldn't, well I tried not to, scream) we came together, with pure animal intensity! I love how I can feel him throb within me while my whole body contracts around him, feeling him squirt up into me, then hold me tight while we writhe and twitch in ecstacy, moaning softly and whispering sweet nothings..

S** with my husband is always mind blowing... but s** with my husband in a completly random, well used public changeroom? Its multiplied beyond belief! The thrill of someone potetially hearing us, knowing that we're up to no good, and the possibility of being caught is so sexy!

Even thinking about it now makes me hot, I want to feel him in me again, I love his intensity, his warmth, and the precious bond that we share.... I love my beautiful husband more than life itself!

I can't wait to see where we are when the 'urge' will hit us next :-P

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  • We've done it in a few different places, in a skatepark, on the bank of the swan river, in and round the car, even in a public park less than 3m from a busy foot path ( we were undwe a blanket, me on my back and him on his side), there are a few places id like to try, like at the back of a bus or train, in a pool, at the beach after dark, anywhere is good :-)

  • Any other suggestions?
    Im keen to try some public sexyness :-)
    But nothing too out-there!

  • S** in random places is awsome, try oral s** in a busy park :-)
    Or on the back of a bus...
    Soooo hot,

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