Sorry I couldn't love you

Did you expect me to believe you when you kept telling me that you missed me? But then when you came over to visit me, you spent most of the time on your phone? It's blatantly obvious that when you said that you didn't want a relationship it meant you didn't want a relationship with me. I was the one who couldn't be in a serious relationship. I shouldn't have continued sleeping with you in the first place. What I never told you was that I was in love with someone else, and when you came to visit me a few months ago, I was heartbroken over him. I wasn't mature enough to tell you not to come.I don't understand why you felt bummed when I wouldn't give into your little games that were set up so you could feel better about yourself. I knew what I agreed to when you propositioned me. I knew there shouldn't be any expectation that it could turn out into something more. I'm not sure why you expected me to fall in love with you, when you didn't show me much affection, you were distant, and our s** was cold.I didn't feel comfortable showing you affection during s**, because it wasn't something we discussed beforehand. I should've told you that I actually need to caress and kiss the person I'm having s** with or else...what's the point? She was already in the picture wasn't she? You're a selfish SOB.

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