Secret burning a hole in my brain

I just have to tell someone, anyone, about my secret.
I'm very happily married with two adorable kids and I've started sleeping with my boss. He is also my husband's best friend.
It's so exciting, I can't stop. We flirted and joked about it for such a long time, but then one day the flirting turned serious and he grabbed me and kissed me - I thought I was going to come right then and there. He turns me on so fast and so hard, I don't know which way is up.
I've made the decision to stop at least three times, but then I get back to work on a Monday morning and he's sitting there, being all serious and making his phone calls and he'll just give me a look and I'm wet and throbbing.
We don't have a lot of time, because his wife is crazy jealous, so we meet early in the office and f*** on his desk, in the meeeting rooms, once even on our big boss's desk. He does things to me that my husband never dreamed of doing, stuff I always thought was only for s****, but I love it! I just want more.
I'm under no illusions that I am an exception (there's a reason his wife is jealous!) but even that doesn't matter. I fantasize about us having to go on a business trip and actually having a whole night together, behind a door that locks, with no-one to walk in and disturb us. I want to get all the way naked with him, roll around on a bed and get sweaty for hours. I want him to tie me up and make me come more than just once or twice, which is all we ever have time for.
I know it's wrong, I know I'm a bad person, but I want it!

Oct 16, 2011

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  • You are not a bad person just a sexy lady who needs excitment b carful love not to get caught and enjoy

  • Talk to your husband about having an open relationship. You might not have to choose between the two.

  • people make way to big of a deal over it. have fun.

  • "Very happily Married?'What a freaking liar you are!!
    You are soon to be a DIVORCED mother of 2! I assure you, you won't be very happy then. Neither will your children!

  • Be more careful. F****** at work will probably get you caught eventually.

  • Think about your kids, lady! Is a moment of pleasure really worth breaking things off with your husband. :( Even if it's NOT for your husband, your kids.... your offspring.. they hold a piece of you and your husband with them. What if you get pregnant by this man? Condoms do break ya know... Get your head on straight women, you're hurting your kids. And your life. When you're older and look back on this, you'll feel bad. Please stop this. S** isn't worth a lifetime of pain.

  • been there, done that, its up to you to decide if you really want to continue this, but just know the consiquences of getting caught, if you can live with that, have your fun

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