Im Not Perfect .

I Feel Like I Have To be Perfect .
Anyone Else ?
My Dad Beat me Everytime I Did Something Wrong .
No ,Not Spanking .
Slamming Against Walls, Throwing Chairs , And Slapping And Hitting Me .
It Sucks .
Because Of Him ,I Have Depression ...
I Cry Almost Every Night .
Im Afraid To tell My Mom I Need Medicine For Depression ,Cause Were Broke .
Not To Mention ,
Im In Love . . .
With Someone Who Completely Understands me , ANd Loves Me Back . Weve Done Things ,And Stuff.
Hes My Everything .
Iv Known Him For 3 Years .
And I Helped Him Overcome S**.Uniseless S** .
But The Only Thing Is ,
Hes Taken <|3
I Feel Like I Have To Be Perfect , Just To Catch His Eye ,Just Once . <3

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  • get your mother to apply for medical assistance. go to the doctor. get REAL help. don't ever rely on anyone else to make you feel better. because ultimately, all you will ever truly be able to rely on is yourself. good luck.

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