My kids' father and I split up last

My kids' father and I split up last year and he moved out of state and hasn't came to see the kids but a few times. They are 1 and 2. The 1 year old has never spent any time with him. Anyway, this weekend I drove to his house and left the kids with him. I didn't leave clothes so that he would have to buy some. No diapers, bc again- I think it's about time he buys those. Now I'm feeling guilty, bc my poor babies are probably scared! Am I an idiot for leaving them?

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  • You need him to step up and take responsibility. However you are going about it the wrong way. What you need to do is involve the district attorney. He needs to pay child support each and every month untill your babies are grown. Do not put your children in danger, this man obviously does not care enough to take proper care of them. If you need a break and want them to know their father then take them to his mother. If she is anything close to sane she will love them and hold him accountable. So go get that child support and come back here and tell us that you have done the right thing.

  • That was stupid. When you go back to pick them up, they will probably be dead.

  • YES

  • OH MY GOD! Leave kids with a man they don't know??? With no clothing? No food? Are you nuts?? The state should get to work. You make Britney Spears look like a caring mother!

  • i'm not sure what your goal is here. are you trying to make him take responsibility or do you want your children to have a relationship with their father? figure it out and hopefully you won't feel so guilty.
    and keep in mind the kids have each other while they are there. if you trust this guy will buy diapers, they should be fine.

  • Watch and see that they'll not want to leave.

  • And the state won't do anything. I have been trying for 2 years.

  • I didn't say that I don't trust him. I do. I know that he won't let anything happen to the kids. I just said that I feel bad about leaving them, bc neither one of them remember him and were probably scared.

  • That makes me really sad...

    Cause I dont exactly have the best parents in the world, and that sounds exactly like something my mom would have done.

    Or that my sister will do now that her and her boyfriend are seperated and she has a one year old with him. They hate eachother...

    I just wish parents would understand that their children at the most precious things that they have and not even theirself should come before them.

    When someone brings a life into the world... they're the protector and caretaker of that life. A baby cant defend or take care of itself. They're dependent on you to get them safely to the point where they ARE able to make their own decisions.

    You should protect your children to the death... even sometimes when you'll have to protect them from yourself.

  • This was a move of emotion and not logic. You should have nerver left your kids with someone you didn't trust. And especially without any clothes or diapers. You can't make him be a father. If you want him to start paying something take out child support but don't use your kids like that. I understand he needs to help take care of his kids but that's something you can't make him do. But the state can. So it was the right idea but to wrong way of carrying it out.


  • It can go either way, and one way could have amazing results. However, since the other way it could go is potentially disastrous, that was not a very good idea. Your kids could be in danger, please, go retrieve them.

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