IDK why but...

On Christmas I get extremely melancholic... I am a very rational woman, a lot of people (men) call me heartless. But it's not true. I just don't get attached to people that easily, it's not logical (that's a very Vulcan thing to say). I broke up with all of my exes, I loved all of them very much, but they hate me. They eventually understood my reasons... I guess they don't hate me anymore.

On Christmas I get this overwhelming feeling of guilt... I can't explain why it's the only time of the year I wonder how they're doing, if they're ok, if they're happy... I was their friend too.

It's not "jaja funny", but "JA JA, Huh. Funny." I didn't know I could worry for people like that. They say I'm heartless. Why do I worry if they're happy on Christmas, then?

You must be thinking I'm doing badly, that I want them back or that I am unhappy. Not at all. On the contrary. I am the happiest I've been in a long time. Believe me, that's why I wonder if they're happy... as happy as I am. I wish them the best this X-Mas season. They're all really good guys, seriously. Peace, Love and Happiness to you ALL!

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  • i know you ramble most of the time.

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