Why... Is This Normal

OK so basically, i have called on God numerous times and no response. I think i want to try a different path... a much darker path.

Dec 13, 2011

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  • Satan won't respond either. Super-powerful beings have more important things to care about than you or me.

  • Yeah! Go wild and crazy!
    Turn off the lights and call for god, you are so dark and mysterious!

  • God does not answer someone he cannot hear. He cannot hear you till your saved by Christ.

    Jesus said he is the only way to the father.

  • You ask any religious person to explain something that can't be explained, and their answer will be "It's god's will".

    If everything is "god's will", why do people think their stupid selfish prayers are going to be answered?

    Flip a coin, you'll probably get the same 50/50 results you do from praying.

  • Jesus - Ctrl+S
    Buddha - Ctrl+F
    Atheism - Alt+Tab

  • You aren't getting answers because you're asking a being that doesn't exist. You may as well call on Darth Vader, Santa Claus, or the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

  • You are constantly calling god. This mean you need some help in getting something done but you are forgetting that god only helps those who help themselves.
    Instead of looking for help from the superior being; you should better seek help from your family, friends, well wishers or any other good organization which is out there to help people.
    When god helps a man, he often helps him through the people not directly himself.

  • Dude, you cannot tempt God. If He didn't answer you then you're not calling on Him in the right spirit

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