I want to smoke

Even though my grandpa, great aunt, and favorite person in the world died from smoking ciggies, all i've wanted to do every day for the past year is smoke.

Aug 5, 2011

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  • I hope you get this message because, you need to know that you are not "wrong" or a "bad" person because of your desire to start smoking. I don't know anything about you, but believe me, even though I knew of the health risks, my decision to start smoking and to let myself become addicted (which was actually with my aunty's encouragement when I was only a child, was the absolutely best thing I could have hoped for. Once I learned how to inhale properly, and became accustomed to the sensual pleasure and comfort I puffed on my cigarette, I knew that even though I was being "naughty" and "sinful", I had found what I had only imagined. Once I had become a heavy smoker, I had a thing in my life (even as a child but also very much as an adult) that I knew I could always depend on to make myself feel secure and calm.

    When you are thinking about smoking and whether to start, you need to understand how beautiful smoking feels, and, if you are a girl, how feminine and sexy you will look when you smoke. I think that, in your case, your curiosity will never go away and that, as soon as you can, you should give into your desires to smoke and get underway. It would be lovely for you if you were able (as I was) to have a close family member to show you how to smoke and to give you a little reassurance.

    I think that, as you begin smoking, you should be mindful of the process of addiction and the surrender that you will make to the absolute power that smoking will have over you. Don't fight it though, go into your new life with belief that you will be a happier, sexier, more relaxed, and pleasurable person to be around once you are a smoker.

    Let me know if you need any other advice.

  • dont f****** do it. It killed my mom. My youngest sister is 11. 11 years old and with no mother.

    Please don't...it's not worth it.

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