I think I'm truly insane.

I'm 12. I've wanted to be dead since I was 7. I know I'm too young to have any serious life decisions, but it always seems like the world would be better without me.
There's nothing I should be complaining about with my life. My parents are together, we live in a rich area and my school life is better than I would've ever imagined. But that's why I wish I wasn't here; there are so, so many people in this world that could do the most amazing things if they'd been given my life, and every day these people are dying from starvation, abuse, poverty. I don't deserve what I have, especially if I'd willingly kill myself.
I've cut myself before. Burnt myself before. Slammed my head in to walls when I get depressed. I just went and made myself throw up. My mum saw one of the cuts before, and I made the 'I fell over' excuse. People at school know I get annoyed when they joke about mental illness and such, as I've tried my best to understand the situation. I know there's insanity in my family. On my one side, schizophrenia, on the other, suicide.
I can't tell anyone who'd take it seriously. I know no one wants to hear me complaining about my life, since I have every material object I could ask for, a full education and more.
I'm just lost now, I guess.

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  • Yes you have a good life but it is all material stuff. there is help and you have so much more to live for. Please reach out to your mother think of what she would go through if she lost you. God has put you on this earth for a reason and that reason may be to help others who are not as privledged with material stuff as you are or just might need someone to talk to. there are kids your age that NEED YOU!!! Consider calling 800 suicide. or speak to a teacher or counselor and let it out tell them how you truly feel.

  • Honey, you may have a chemical imbalance that is making you feel this way. It's not always because of a bad life. There's help for it if you talk to an adult.

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