When i sleep i feel stoned like im losing my mind

Only started happening after i first smoked weed at 16 or whatever, and havent really smoked since.. But sometimes when i toss and turn at night (half awake) my mind is full of deranged thoughts like theres someone else's thoughts in my head - they make no sense and really p*** me off.
Also whenever i move my body around it feels like im not in my body if you know what i mean, or my body is completely numb and its kind of moving tossing and turning by itself.
I am awake through this, and i think this also is the reason why i wake up in a bad mood

Anyone know what is going on?

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  • You are dying basically.
    Sorry to break it to ya!!!! Best see a Doc asap.

  • Whenever you get involved with illicit drugs, the occult, Ouija boards, etc you are inviting demonic influence into your life. This can affect your body (which seems to be the case with you) your soul, (mind) and spirit. I would suggest that you ask Jesus to forgive you for your sins, and ask Him to be the Lord of your life from hereon in. Then, find a good Bible-believing church and attend regularly. You may need to have demons bound and/or cast out of you. Please don't follow the advice of the person above. His advice will only make your problem worse. Without Jesus in your life, demons can have a field day tormenting you. Put a stop to it.

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