I'm no longer talking to my dad.

Let me start from my childhood. He was a horrible person. He had a major explosive temper. My whole childhood, he'd get mad almost every day over little things, over me and my siblings just being kids or for no reason at all. He would get in our faces and yell,scream and cuss us to the top of his lungs like a drill sergeant. Most of the time you couldn't understand him or why he was yelling. I got constantly whipped with a belt. So did my siblings. There would be times when he would make death threats to us or threaten to kill himself. He also fed off of fear. One time back when I was maybe 3 or 4 years old, my cousin ( female) came to spend the night with my sister. They were watching television. When the television started flipping,he starts cussing as saying well that ** thing. My sister and cousin told him it's ok that they will put up with it and he told my sister to shut her ** ** mouth. He went to messing with the t.v. making matters worse till he put the t.v. out. He blamed the performers they were watching for putting out his t.v. he then barricaded the doors and windows threatening to burn the house with us in it. He got mad at my mom one time and my younger brother was a baby and he came in the bedroom where my brother was sleeping in his crib and he pointed a loaded shot gun at him and told my mom that he brought him into the world and he can take him out. Another time, my younger brother and I were sitting in the back seat of the car fighting like siblings do and my dad was driving and right behind a propane truck. He was yelling at us and he pressed his foot down nearly all the way on the gas and almost ran into the back of the truck. One Christmas, this organization had given me and my siblings a gift. My older brother had gotten a jacket that was too small and my dad said to give it to him and my mom said, no we can take it back to Wal-Mart for a bigger size and he got all mad and blowing up at him telling him that he couldn't use any of his razers or shaving cream. Then another time, me,my younger brother and our dad was in the kitchen. My dad got out the ice cream from the freezer and my older brother was in his bedroom next to the kitchen with his door cracked open. My older brother always had an issue with obesity. Our dad told me and my younger brother to hurry up and get some ice cream before my older brother could get a chance. My older brother came out of his room yelling at my dad over what my dad had said and the next thing you know, my dad was fist fighting my brother and my mom was frantically stepping in between them ( I'll call him Ray) Ray!! Stop it! That's your own son!!! There was so many different things that my family and I had gone through when me and my siblings were growing up too many to tell. Well years later after mom and dad had been divorced I did manage to have a good relationship with him and talk to him over the phone. He seemed to mellow out since he has a bad heart. He still would occasionally rant and rave about either a family member or a neighbor. So fast forward to yesterday, he called me and I always talked to him every day. Yesterday just so happened to be one of those days where I couldn't think of anything else to say. I said, dad I can't think of anything to say. I'm going to have to talk to you some other time. He asked, you don't want to talk to me? I said, no I just don't know what to say. He said alright I will let you go if you don't want to talk to me. I thought he was joking and I said ok talk to you later and I hung up the phone. Later,he called me back when I was already on the IPad talking to my friend through Facebook messenger and I said, dad I'm going to have to pass the phone over to someone else. I'm talking to my friend ( I'll call Samantha) he said, go ahead and talk to your friend and then he started yelling at me over the phone. YOU TOLD ME YOU DIDN'T WANT TO TALK TO ME NO MORE!! I said calmly, no I didn't say that. He continued yelling,YES YOU DID!!! I said, no I mean that I didn't have anything to say. He continued yelling and he yelled, LISTEN TO ME!!! I said, no I'm not. I'm not having this anymore. I hung up the phone and I let it ring or I'd hang up. I don't plan on speaking to him again. Am I wrong for not doing so? I am trying to live right and go to church but is this a way a Christian should do? I know for sure that for now I won't be saying anything to him.

Apr 13

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  • I'd say you should've don this years ago.

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