My roommate is a cutie, sometimes when im in the shower, i like to m********* and unload my load in her shampoo bottles. Is it weird?

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  • Maybe the s****'s nutrients make her hair prettier LOOOOOOL


  • no its not weird its perfectly normal. i wanted to f*** one of my friends so i used to do the same types of things. i would spit in her water bottles and run her food on my genitals and then watch her eat it not knowing what i had done. when i worked in a fast food restaurant i used to do things to peoples food. when cops would come in i would spit and rub s*** on their food. when hot girls would come in i would stir their milkshakes with my peenis

  • Oh man, so f****** disgusting

  • I worked a cook in many places, and I would shoot my c** all over the place. I'm healthy and clean, and as long as you are, not real issue.

  • That's... disturbing.. very disturbing.

  • wow your a sick b******! would u like sum guy to stir ur drink with his mouldy d*** then u drink it?

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