Why are people so stupid/selfish?

Why do they marry and cheat and claim they love their partners? Or why do they accept violence and stay with partners who hurt their children? Why do they only think of themselves, and ignore what they do to other people? Why do people do that? How can they think it's OK to be that way, how can they still look in the mirror at morning?
Why would you marry someone who is violent? How could you do that to your kids? How can you still do that?
Why would you stay with someone you don't truly love?
Why would you have a girlfriend/boyfriend if you l*** over someone else?
Selfish pieces of s***. I'm glad I'm not like that, and I hope I will never be.

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  • Listen here you sanctimonious spinster, life is short and the myth of heaven is not worth the crap of bull s*** from fake morality. Be a good person and do as little damage as possible, but if you walk into your neighbors house and her husband looks like you could take him down the gay road...then by all means do so. I suck my neighbors c*** all the time. In fact I suck three straight guys c**** in my building and their wife's don't know. So all you ladies, be careful of all the time your hubby spends with us gay boys......we swallow when your on the rag......h*** you girls should thank us.

  • Yuck. What a twit you are.

  • Because most of the world is full of selfish a******* who only care about themselves and have no empathy or compassion for others. It's sad but true. Thank God you wont end up like them. We need less pieces of s*** in the world. Just make sure you stay away from them so they won't corrupt you.

  • wow, i have asked this same question and never got an answer.good to see there are smart people like me out there.

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