Not sure what to do

This isnt really a confession but i need some advice...

I am 13 yrs old and i went round my freinds house with another of my friends. They both decided to watch p*** . I had never watched p*** before but went along with it so i didnt look like a wimp. My friend went on pornhub and was scrolling through vids Blah Blah Blah when i stupidly said watch that one ive seen it before. I was a lesbien vid and they both had no objections . The computer however was lagging alot so when we went on the vid it looked like the girl had b*******

For weeks now my friends have taken the m*** out of me 4 it but thats not what im worried about. Next year my sisters joining my school and i know they will tell her . My mum will be angry if she finds out from her but will understand if i tell her . Should i risk it

Mar 29, 2012

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  • ill b happy to teach you

  • At 13 you should be making p*** not watching it. ask your daddy to bedroom and have s** with him and have your momma video it.

  • say this"mom i want to tell you something... i know that i am in a stage of curiosity and i did something sort of shameful i watched some p*** online..."then you take it from there

  • Go ahead and tell you mother. You are 13. She is aware of 2 things; you are getting older and you are interested in s**. If you don't know how just say that you saw some p*** online once. This should st least give you a starting point.

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