Exhibitionistic behaviors

Have been either exposing myself or even masturbating in front of a window so next door neighbor lady can see me. Been doing this kind of thing since I was a teenager. Not sure when it started though. No one knows about this behavior, not even my wife. I am severely ashamed of it though. I realize I’ve been finding ways to to do this in semi-public settings for years and it freaks me out. I am afraid of getting caught. I get off on somebody seeing me semi-aroused. I have involved everyone from older women to young Christian gals who lived I my building When I was younger. Recently was at mother in law’s house and was using her printer. She left with a friend and I was to lock up when I was done. I thought they left and got turned on and whipped it out and jerked off, but when I went into the kitchen to get a tissue I see that the two of them have been there the whole time talking to a neighbor just outside. I have no idea whether they saw me. She herself has flashed me several times and come onto me so I don’t feel particularly bad about it so much as embarrassed if her friend saw...

Mar 18, 2020

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  • I'm a trucker and I like when you c** by me while playing with your p****. The older ladies go by nice and slow to give me a good look. Which gets me squeezing my c*** a little. That's all. The younger ladies go by so fast you can't get a good look. They seem so scared, like I might jump onto their car or something. I just like the flirting and teasing that goes on. It's fun. Slowdown some for a thrill.

  • I’m a woman and love wearing a tight short dress with no panties. I love to go shopping and bend over like I’m getting something low on a shelf and expose my ass. When I put my groceries in my trunk I bend over so my dress slides up and my ass and p**** shows. This really turns me on. I also like to drive around with my dress up to my waist and drive by truckers.

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