Right now my life f****** sucks. Im 16. I am kinda short. Not good looking. And terrible around women. At this age im sure u older people know that women r everything. Im not a perv. But i really want a gf. Just somone to hold and love and spend time with. I cant seem to find someone who wants that and i come on just right and i get stuck in the friend zone or akward zone. It never works out. Im also in band. Percusion. My g****** drumline director has screwed me out of parts and places in band for the past five years. I get perfect scores on my solos wvery year and its like its not worth s***. Im not getting anywhere in band even though i keep improving. This is my first year in the bottom band. Whenever i made it i wanted to kill my self for three days. I hate my life. I love playing music but this shot is the most discouraging thing ever. Anyways. Im religious... I have always been a strong baptist and have never commited any crime. My dad is a cop. But i have been devoting my time to helping others every month. Services projects. And i think i will maybe somehow have a better life and stop getting f***** over by my director and relationships with girls, but nothing is happening. I wear what can be referred to as a mask. I appear like the most happy person u will meet. Always a half smile on my face and i am very positive in public but omg i hate my life. I cry all the time about it alone... Right now what is getting me is my damn chemistry teacher. I am in honors right now (going to regulars next year) and i am being torn apart by all of the math in this f***** class. I barely pass everything. Idk how. She hates me and therefore doesnt curve s***! I am in geometry not algebra an we r doing crazy algebra science s*** that everyone thinks is so easy so we fly through it but i pay attention and dont understand s***! I come to a tutorial and its packed full of the smartest kids and when i ask a question the answer is obvious and i am laughed at by both the teacher and my peers. Fml. I feel like there is nothing positive about my life and i want to end it but the only thing keeping me from doing it is marissa. This super cute girl that i think is into me but idk how to talk to her!!!! (advice on this wud be great!) i am very lonely and depressed but u would not be able to guess it at all. What do i do? Suicide? It wud have to be easy and painless... Or should i keep toughing through all of this s*** in my life?! F***! Please respond...

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  • Omg you sound like the perfect guy.
    I'm 16.. And a female!
    Comment :3 i'll give you my email :D
    Oh but im atheist

  • I was in a band once too, and my teacher hated me because he told me I was better off playing the flute than the guitar, and so we had an argument one day and so I threw his flute at him and left. Now, after years have passed, he has a new kind of respect for me, and when he asks me to play my guitar at performances, I always agree because he's so subtle and afraid of me. Never be afraid to stick it to the big man. Heck, that was the most worthy hissy fit I've ever thrown! Wanting a girlfriend is really difficult in life sometimes, but I've found that the most amazing people, are through your own personal church. I have met AMAZING people through mine, and so I know that maybe I'm meant to be with someone like myself, in a church similar to my own, not school.

  • I dont think your life sucks.
    Everyone has problems at school. Go do some s*** with your dad. And just keep asking your teachers, dont worry about the other kids, they are just stupid. Also, the look is not that much important, just be yourself when you are talking with a girl. I think you are a good guy. Helping others is a good thng.

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