i am ugly but i want to do all these

i am ugly but i want to do all these hot guys--but i know i don't have a chance in h***--even w a decent personality

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  • The hot guys will do you but you won't be able to keep them. Accept who you are and get a nice regular guy.

  • Hmmmm, you are concerned cause hot guys are too shallow to date you. . .well, what the f*** are you? You are currently reeping what you sew.

  • L****.
    Get a life.

  • But, you've got a vag, yes?


    My situation's worse.


  • if you had read through all the comments, you would have seen that i took back what i said about "doing" them. that was too strong a word. i really just meant go out with them/see them. in high school i might have just wanted to do them, but i'm totally different now. i don't go for one night stands. what i really want is someone to have fun with, laugh with, share things with. you know what i mean.

    but i did mean what i said about considering myself ugly. and i don't think a whole lot of guys want to pal around with someone like that. and yes, i know i have insecurities. i wish i could just accept who i am for what i am.

  • why do you want to "do" them?
    sounds like your insecurities are the problem, and not that you're "ugly".

  • when you say plain, real ladies, does that include stretch marks, a pot belly and yellow teeth?

  • To the sixth poster I was the fifth poster. Thanks for the comments. I am married however. Tks again.
    To the original poster Keep looking as the right one is probably closer then you think.
    Good Luck.

  • RapeShark,

    Get bent

  • You have no chance.

  • the last commenter, can I get your number? I'm a little above average in terms of looks, but you're my kinda guy and I will make you all kinds of happy. I'm not the poster, by the way.

    To the original poster: The last commenter is right. I have seen some really brutal-looking chicks that have been in long-term relationships with really good-looking guys. Some guys don't care too much what you look like, as long as you have a good heart and a nice set of t***.

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder....it is soooooo true.
    What you think of your looks other may not and the reverse is also true.
    I am a guy, I prefer plian ordinary looking "real" ladies. The ones in Mazines....not for me. Do not underestimate yourself.

  • i guess i shouldn't have said "do" them. what i really meant was go out with them.

  • Actually if all you want to do is sleep with these guys then you have more of a chance than you think. It doesn't matter to most guys as long as you got a descent body and then to some that doesn't matter. If you let them know you will probably get more to say yes than no


  • i see myself daily, and seeing myself as i am and as others must see me also, i would say "yes, i know"

  • Let me guess, you're not even going to try because you just "know" you have no chance?

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