Just another older girl who wants you

I'm 26 and have a crush on someone who's 19.
He's so mature and always comes across as older. But he's also charming, and older women are attracted to him very often. He makes them want to act silly and act young. He makes them self-conscious. And I really hate the thought of being just another.

We're really good friends, and I don't want to ruin it and disappoint him by turning out to be just another.

And just when I was just thinking that maybe it wasn't such a bad idea to share with him the way I felt about him, a 28 year old co-worker of mine (who's such a flirt) started throwing herself at him in a way that made me reconsider.
I don't wanna be like her.
But I really like him.

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  • In detail. What things would he do that make him mature and attractive to you?

  • Well, it's hard to pin down just what makes him so mature and attractive; it's simply that he makes me forget he's 19- I always have to remind myself. It's the way he sits with a group of us at a table and fit in so completely and no one would for a second feel or guess that he's younger.
    I'll try though: he's calm, articulate, extremely smart. He's caring. He's so hardworking, so great at what he does and so down to earth about it, almost oblivious of it. He's so mature in his art- so far beyond the young's love of virtuosity for its own sake. He's completely dependable, and I can trust him with anything. He's so much fun to be around. I can say anything, be anything, and he'll take it without judgment, accept it, make me enjoy being all that I am. He makes me feel pretty. And he always smells so nice and so clean and so warm I just want to hug him and stay there. He's beautiful without being so aware of it, without that knowledge of charm that makes charm less natural.

  • I'm 19 myself so this struck me as odd and I suppose it's only because I always attribute things to myself. By the way my stance on this is, if he can't return your feelings then he isn't worth going after. You being "just another" Is trivial to me. If you have feelings for each other then the mature thing to do would be to get it out in the open and see if it will work out between you two.

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