I like my cousin

My name is...well it doesn't matter. Im 18. Anyway, my story is that...I feel kind of embarrased writing this but I really like my cousin. I dont have such feelings for any other girl in my college. I havent had s** with her though. As I said before, I'm 18 and she's 20 (yes shes 2 years older). Damn, those neighbour cats are really annoying.

Anyways, so she gave me her cell no. We chatted a bit (Not about love or anything). We met at parties and I didn't think of her that way until one day, that was about a year ago, we met at this wedding and she looked...amazing, i mean im talking total freakin blackout amazing. C, thats when it happened, u know u must be thinking the guys an idiot when I say this, but I think it was love at first sight(Or that one sight specifically). And for a second there I couldn't speak to her. And after a while I decided to be a man(though im not completely), tell her that I love her. So I texted her "I like You". And she was like "You are like a brother to me". And so I backed off immediately and told her I was joking. We don't have the same relationship after that.

So, the sad part here is that she was getting married to my(And yes hers) other cousin and now the wedding is canceled. I think I should go say to her face that I love her. I still c that she wants me to, my im too chicken s***. So what should I do? Should I talk to her like a cousin and be happy? Or tell her I love her to her face? Or a third option would be appreciated. Thx in advance.

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  • When i was 20 i got my driving licence and bought a car. I had 3 female cousins, 19,17 and14. The 19 and 17 would go to house parties with me and my sister. Of course aunty trusted me. One night we went to a party and only the 17yr old went with us.In the party she kept holding me tight and grinding her hips into me when we danced, this gave an erection. After the party i dropped my sister home first and then proceeded to drop home my cousin. She slid over close to me in car and placed her hands on my leg and began rubbing my c***. Needless to say i drove into a secluded area where we f***** for a good while before dropping her home. After we would meeting on certain days and go to a motel and f***. I am hoping to do the same with her older sister soon. By the way me and my sister have been f****** each other since she was 15and i was 17.

  • if i was you i would tell her how you feel but preclude it with "i know its wrong but..." and then end it with "...i feel bad for not tellin you earlier" (not that i agree with incest but who am i to judge i still experimented with it at 9 years old...)

  • I try but I'm just too chicken

  • Is she a 3rdand cousin or further down the line?

  • She is my 1st cousin :/

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