Quiting Cannabis

I've been a serious abuser of cannabis for the past 10 years and told myself that using cannabis has not been affecting my life. It was hard for me to see considering the state that I live in has a casual attitude toward the use of cannabis. I also haven't realized the affect because I started smoking cannabis in my early 20's when I had nothing but great expectation for life and enjoyed the euphoric effect of its use.

I'm almost 30. I know everything about cannabis. I know how to grow it in 20 different environmental conditions, outdoor or indoor. It doesn't matter. I know all the plants diseases and the insects the cannabis plant is vulnerable to. I know how to process the cannabis and cure it as well. I know how to cultivate cannabis that has been tested in the 98th percentile from SafeHarbor in Oakland, CA. I am a connoisseur taught by another connoisseur with 40+ yrs growing cannabis. I could write a book about this shiet.

Now, I'm giving it all up. I'm smoking my last blunt right now because I want to remember who I am again. I want to remember what it was like to think clearly and have a short term memory. Truthfully, I'm SCARED. It's been such a huge part of my EVERYDAY life for the past 10 yrs and I'm not sure what to expect mentally and emotionally. What am I going to experience?

Share your thoughts please.

Oct 26, 2011

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  • I have been doing it since i was 15 now 32. i am married with 3 kids and i have been caught several times by my husband who has threated to leave. i would stop for a couple of months then crave it again. I wish there was a pill to make the craving stop. I am stoping cause i have to so i can keep my family. it is a great feeling to not be high but i sure do miss the smell tast the smoke everything about it. Good luck it is harder for you cause its all you. you don't have to stop if you don't want to but your are missing out on alot in life. try staying busy excersise LOL i took up drinking so i would have a drink at night and i recently have been going online to stay busy. i will always miss it but remember why i stoped.....Good luck please post it on here how its going or if you found a magic pill to make you stop.

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