Okay, so I think I may have a thing for a teacher in my school… and I need help on telling if he likes me in that way too.Here is all the evidence I've wrapped up so far in the year….
- He's 36 and I'm 14, he teaches math, has a wife and 3 kids
- Whenever he sees me he smiles
- He teases me for liking older guys
- Whenever I say an older guy is hot, he'll make jokes about me and that guy hooking up and stuff
- He's the basketball coach, and we had a game yesterday, and he was yelling at everyone because we kinda sucked that game…..and he decided to call my house last night to tell me that he's sorry for yelling at me and he was regreting it on the car ride home and couldnt srtop thinking about it.
- He makes fun of me and another teacher, and how he thinks that I have a thing for that teacher…

** please tell me what you guys think… please I really need to know.thanks!

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  • Don't do it. Trust me, just don't. You will ruin both your life and his, and it will not be worth it.

  • There are so many 100s of things I could tell you because I've been exactly where you are right now, but I'll just say one. Evidently you've already gotten inside your man's head, and that's the hardest part of the whole process, so congratulations for that: I think it's great. And here's the advice. You need to become the babysitter for that family, so you can get closer and closer to him, and to his children, and then whenever you're ready, you'll be able to just pull the string tight and squeeze the wife right out of his life and out of his children's lives and totally out of the f****** picture. By then, you will have made the kids love you more than their actual mom, and you've already started making him think of you more than his own wife. And one last thing -- you should do all the babsitting for them FOR FREE. Why? Remember: you aren't trying to get money, you're trying to get a man. And I know you'll do that.

  • thank you thought vents i'm the 3 piece ranter who agrees

  • it might be best to be kinda indirect about it with him like telling him that a couple of your girlfriends keep saying all the time that they think you and him have something going on between you because of the way you always look at each other almost like your in love or something and that they think he always treats you better than all the other people and that you always dress sexier and act hotter when your around him and then just ask him what he thinks about that and see whatever he says and he might say how he feels without you having to say how you feel and then youd be able to have what you realy want with him

  • 3/3 please think about your future not your teacher if your gonna have a relationship have it with a fellow student or a recent grad not your teacher because of all the reasons from earlier... ok i've said my piece hate me, ignore me, do whatever i no longer care noone else on this god forsaken rock will respect my opinion

  • 2/3 if you do what any of the other people said that would make you a horrid person and a predator also a teacher liking a student in a relationship that goes beyond professional is highly inappropriate also it's discusting because he's significantly older than you and your a f****** child focus on school not p**** i appologise about the lack of punctuation that's the way i type when i rant

  • alright 14 years old is illegal in every country for any one over the age of 18 to have s** with him being a teacher would know this he probably felt bad/guilty because your a good student and he didn't want to s**** up your work ethic he picks on you cause it's illogical for a 14yo to like older guys he smiles at you because he's happy everyone does it he probably sees you as a daughter rather than a sexual person also if he does see you as sexual that's pedophilia and he should be fired and arrested soon

  • I think the confession is from a boy

  • He likes you that's for sure but won't make the first move.
    He has too much to lose, you will have to get him alone and
    Make it obvious you fancy him, maybe sitting with your legs
    Open so he can see your panties or better still take them off.
    Or go braless and undo some buttons on your blouse so he
    Can see your b****. If that don't work I guess you have to
    Except he is teasing you. If your hot girl with a fit body he will
    Risk everything to have s** with you so I hope you realise
    What your getting into. It won't be holding hands a quick fumble,
    You will be on your back with your teacher eating your p**** followed
    By you blowing him and taking his load in your mouth, so be warned!!
    I know as I'm an ex teacher and been there

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