Grandpa-in-law suckles my **

My husband's always been embarrassed by his family and being from the mountains of "Pennsyltucky". We barely saw them over the years and I'd never gotten to know any of them and always assumed hubby was exaggerating about his hillbilly relations but now I think I'm living in a freak show or weird dream.

About a year and a half ago my husband lost his job because of the pandemic and I only received disability so we didn't have much to live on. We never bought a house and we never had kids so we had nowhere to turn when times started getting rough.

I never knew it but he still had the "family estate" as he sarcastically referred to it. His mother had died and his senile father had moved in with his sister and brother-in-law. His brother would bunk there whenever he had to return to town because he was down on his luck.

Goes without saying, hubby wasn't exaggerating about his family. His few stories he told made them seem the stereotypical hill folk but I didn't know the meaning of the word crazy 'till we moved here.

We tried to hang on hoping the pandemic would end but our landlord finally had to ask us to leave when we couldn't pay rent and their kids needed to move there because of their own bad situation. The last option was loading up the truck for the long drive to "Pennsyltucky".

I'm still not sure I know who is related to who and how because theres so ** many people and kids. Hubby's not even sure sometimes because he's been out of contact so long but life here is a 380 difference from the quiet lives we had had.

I've got a million stories in the almost year we've been here but here's the one I'll tell here because it's so wack and I'd never tell anyone in real life.

First of all it's always so loud and chaos here. Kids are always running round in and out of everyone's house. The entire town is pretty small and backward but I think even by their standards my husband's family takes the prize. For all their faults though and as much as they ** about each other, everyone gets together two or three times a month for sure or more.

Grandpa, my husband's father, is the worst because he's always angry at someone and yelling at or about somebody. He's definitely more on the side of Alzheimers than knowing who anyone is. At any of the get-togethers I'd always notice that at some point he had dozed off and was pretty much in a fetal position in someone's lap but I didn't really pay much attention until one time when he was sitting next to me on a couch.

He was yelling in my ear about what a ** his mother was that she stopped feeding him when he was 1 yr old and he was lucky to still be alive. He'd usually go between this story and thinking he was a 3 yr old and wailing away. I was trying to ignore him but he kept leaning over to me and pulling me toward him. I thought he was just trying to force me to listen to him but it didn't take much longer until I knew what he was after.

Unfortunately my disability keeps me from moving too quickly or easily and suddenly grandpa is yelling at me asking why I'm starving him! And he's not grabbing at my shoulder, he's actually trying to grab the shoulder of my shirt and pulling it down. Even though he's a weak old man he gets a lot of strength when he's angry and I just can't move easily. He started grabbing at my bra and accusing me of wearing it to keep him hungry. Next thing I know Grandpa has my breast pulled out and he's sucking away on my **!

Anyway, including hubby, that I knew or was getting to know, had avoided looking at me or cleared out of the room. I was trying to push his head away but he just clamped down hard with his gums. Thank god he didn't have teeth or his dentures in! One of the older kids was running by and I said get your mom, I need help with him. The kid stopped and looked at me like _I_ was the crazy one and said Gramps does that, leave him alone.

So I'm struggling away and grandpa is trying to ** ** my ** and yelling if it slips out of his mouth 'till my sister-in-law finally comes over. I thought I was saved but she says that Grandpa things he's a baby again and whichever woman he's next to is his momma. Then he starts thinking she's trying to kill him but he quiets down if they breastfeed him so they've just found it's easier to just let him do it. Then he falls asleep and you can either get away or get someone to take him to bed.

Being one of the immobile ones of the family, Grandpa is usually on my ** sucking away. It's getting really bad because while they all used to share watching Grandpa they take advantage of my disability and leave him to me most often.

Hubby tried to avoid knowing what's happening or he'll just say that he warned me the family was a bunch of inbreeds but he just basically refuses to deal with his father and says how bad can it be having a man want your ** so bad. So that's the family joke. The woman being sucked on doesn't have many options and everyone else in the family makes jokes that they thought women liked having their ** played with.

The worst part is that Grandpa seems to favor me probably because I can't get away from him so he'll make a bee line for me if there's a choice in the room. Everyone likes it because he's been a lot quieter and less a problem since we moved to town. Sometimes they're out and out cruel because, due to my disability, some of the women will say things like what would I be doing anyway. And grandpa is always keeping them from some other thing they need to be doing if he's suckling their **.

I keep waiting for the hallucinations to stop but they never do. This is my pandemic "new normal"

Next Confession

My gay roommate ** me last night while I was high on Ecstasy.

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  • That unacceptable, girl put your foot down and walk a way with/without your husband because you deserve to be respected and treated better, never settle for less

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