Hate Rednecks at Work

I do AutoCAD Drafting at a Construction company in the USA, and I absolutely hate that I am the only Latino in an office full of rednecks, especially the f****** hillbilly who sits behind me, spewing his hateful s*** about Blacks, Latinos, Homosexuals, etc. Worst of all, my boss and the company CEO are totally OK with that behavior.

There's a female coworker from an Eastern European country who gets harrassed constantly by these fools, and she laughs it off, has learned to grow thick skin, but she has confessed to me that deep inside, she hates it.

Worst of all, when I'm supposed to be meeting deadlines, I'm doodling and idling the hours away at my job, reading CNN or the news or some joke online. I am so completely demotivated at this place. I can't wait to find something else so I can GTFO of this place.

Any other Draftsmen/Draftswomen out there who know my pain?

Apr 22, 2012

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  • I'm sorry you have to deal with this. I know what you're going through. People like that are the kind of garbage that starts crying every time someone calls Trump on his infantile bullshit when they're not bullying women, other ethnicities, and everyone either poorer or smarter than themselves.

    This is the kind of creature that becomes cops, too. Now you know the cop-MAGAt connection, in case it wasn't already obvious.

    THAT is the kind of white person that needs to be eradicated from the earth. Not every white person is like this, and if you are nonwhite and refuse to hear that, you are just as racist as the waste-of-life MAGAts.

  • File a complaint of harassment/hostile work place before you leave.Say you too dramatized to work. The female co-worker can file sexual harassment. Talk to a lawyer for free n see. best of luck

  • *traumatized

    I think it's hilarious that most so-called "adults" nowadays are both coddled little babies emotionally and also can't spell for $hit! Life is going to be very, very h****** you now that you've shaken off Mommy and Daddy's bubble wrap. I'll be over here in the corner, eating popcorn and laughing!

  • If you complain again I'm going to call I.N.S.

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