Office flirting

I am a senior manager and am responsible for training new staff...a woman had started with my company and I think she us really pretty..I am 40 and she is 36 so we are close in age. Today she was wearing a loose top and I could not help but take little peeks down her top and a couple of times I saw her nipples...we spent all day together and say fairly close to each other and there was a tiny bit of incidental touching and I am pretty certain she knew that I was perving on her but she just smiled and was really I am not sure what to do because I am not totally sure whether what was happening was real or just my imagination....problem is I can't get get out of my had and have been getting very aroused just thinking about get tonight...not sure how the h*** I am going to get through is the kicker...we are both married...what do I do??

Apr 23, 2012

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  • Go on and f*** her. That will leave your wife available to f*** me.

  • What do you do ?? u really have to ask ??
    Your married and unless you have an open marriage then you do nothing ?
    Damn why do men bother getting married if they never plan to be faithful stay single or have an open marriage so you can f*** anyone you want guilt
    free .

  • oh by the way, she could just be using you to further her own career goals

  • don't put your job and everything else at risk just to have your c--k inside some chick , think carefully about this, from a HR point of view.... what happens if it all ends badly

  • Update.....worked with her again today and it started out pretty much the same way...low cut top and plenty to view...we were flirting like crazy and I for a full view of get gorgeous t*** and she knew I was one pointshe came behind me to look at what I was doing on the computer and she was deliberately pressing her body against me and came down close to my wad at that moment I came to my senses and whispered "we should not be doing this you know" and she said "yeah you are probably right" I told get that I was really attracted to her and she was extremely hot and sexy and add much as it would be awesome...ultimately it was wrong and she agreed...we still spent the rest of the fleeing and talking about what really turned us on...she admitted I made her h**** and I told get the same but it would still be wrong to act on it...was a great couple of days, really fun, and honestly it wad the first time I had felt anything like that in the 16 years I have been married...I am off for a good Fap...

  • You can certainly live your life in any way, and by any standards, you see fit. So, if you choose to live your life the way all these miserable upright conservative moralists are trying to tell you to live it, that is absolutely your right. But wouldn't it be more enjoyable to sneak out of work with this sexy married woman a little early once or twice a week and slip away to a quiet out-of-the-way motel and then f*** her better and harder than she's ever been f***** in her entire life? Seriously ...... wouldn't it?

  • So you call by resepcting his wife and respecting the MARRIAGE he went into to cheat with another girl miserable? He is old enough to know the ramifications of doing so. And what if his innocent wife who I am going to say it again HAS DONE NO WRONG according to this old guy discovered that. Do you think life is a joke and people's feelings don't matter? He either does it the right way or he is going to be just another lier,cheater,miserable,selfish guy in this world..!!


  • Back off - you will only end up making a fool of yourself. If you value your marriage and your job, DO NOT GO THERE. She knows exactly the effect she is having on you and she is leading you on.

  • How could you say ''CHEATING IS PART OF LIFE''. If it is, then I would lie and cheat and never go school and live my life. It doesn't work like that in this life. This man chose to marry this girl because he didn't want to be with another girl except for her. But after he meets this new girl, suddenly it is ok for him to cheat because he just like that girl. This world is a mess because of people like you and like that old guy who doesn't respect the word of MARRIAGE and also his wife who has done no wrong according to this old guy. He can get divorce and she can do the same and do it the right way. Other than that thats just another guy who cheated on his wife in this world.


  • Don't listen to Kobe Bryant down there. Don't deny yourself the pleasure of exploring these feelings that are happening with the two of you. Cheating is a part of life and there's nothing nothing NOTHING more exciting and nothing hotter than a new extramarital relationship.


  • Don't listen to that Anonymous listen to me. Don't ruin your marriage or hers. It is called MARRIAGE for a reason. You don't cheat on your wife because you like somebody else. That's plain stupid and ignorance. If you like her so much then tell I want to leave my wife and she should leave her husband and you two be together other than that it is bad move. Good luck old guy..!!


  • take her out for drinks after work and tell her that you feel some chemistry developing between you and that its something you want to explore and just see how she reacts. sounds like something VERY nice could happen there. dont worry about the marriages: just have some fun.

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