Revenge Confession of a Nerd

That i wrote a book when i was in high school. That i was bullied often because of this and honestly, i only PUBLISHED this book to prove to everyone that i was actually worth something.

I did not come from the best background, and i am a nerd at heart and honestly i was picked on so much for it. And honestly, i ruled out the day that I would become more successful than anyone else in my small class of 58 people (Yes, i went to a small town school BI Bite me)

But also, i feel that i am on top and i am really guilty for it because i have now recently found out that half of the girls in my courses in high school have become either single mothers and/or on welfare and almost to the point of being homeless. I honestly smile and laugh almost every night thinking "I have a good home, my girlfriend loves me...and i have a safe place to live..." but then i see the girls like Ashley Schlabach and Jessika Schafbuch xD And i laugh again~ is this bad karma? maybe so, but still they didn't have to spread their legs open and i know its bad mojo to even think bad about someone, but i'm honestly laughing my ass off because i'm adopting a little girl with my future wife and i'm honestly hoping to learn how to become a TRUE loving mother while these girls who picked on me in high school will forever be in the h*** that they tried to subdue me into :)

Have a good day~

The author of "The Emperor" and the "Liebling diaries"

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  • I wish this kind of thing came true a lot more often...

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