I've got twins I love them more than live it self.m but I absolutely hate being a mother. The father of my kids are hardly every around to help me. I've got to worry about when and where they sleep, what they eat, what they wear, if I have extra money to, if they have enough clothes, laundry and everything else that comes with practically being a single parent. He hardly takes them or give me a break. I can honestly say that these past months have been the worst for me I've hit the lowest of low. I cry every night I'm so unhappy I'm starting to hate life it self. If I could honestly go back in time I would and have anabortion Atleast my life wouldn't be so miserable. I produce 2 eggs from my left ovary when I ovulate so I would have twins regardless. I Dnt get to do anything get to go anywhere jus stuck in a bad dream day in day out. They say kids are the best things that happens honestly it's an night mare cause no kid deserve an unhappy depressed mother.

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  • Dear Friend,
    It's sad to read that you're having such a hard time but you sound like a good parent all the same who loves her children and tries to do the best for her. You however seem depressed and would probably benefit from getting therapy or joining a single parent's group in your area. Check on line - there are lots of them around. Try also to build your support network so that you can get some free time and start to do things that you enjoy that do not include your children. Every parent needs a break and so do you. Take care now and I hope this helps.

  • 1. Let the kids find friends who have parents you can trust and let them sleep over often? To give you breaks.

    2. Let them learn to do their own chores as they grow?

  • They're only 11months so that's Not anytime soon. And can't really trust anyone these days let alone having hem sleep over.

  • You didn't say how old you are? Having kids at a young age is hard enough but if you are doing the care taking of them mostly by yourself is even worse for sure. You do miss out on a lot of things, but it sure sounds like you really care about your kids regardless. There needs to be more Mom's like you!

  • 26. I do care about them and love them a whole lot it's just that I'm not in a very good place at the moment and I Dnt think I'm ready to be a full time parent on my own. But it's to late to do anything about it I just have to get on with it take advise as I go along and hope one day I wake up happy I guess.

  • You may have pp depression.. Check with a gynec..

  • I have seen someone but they said because I Dnt resent my kids it's not postnatal depression.

  • You need a friend, I was so tired and lonely when my child was a toddler; I would take him to the parks for hours / I finally met a nice lady (grandmother) who watched her grandson, and we became besties! We would meet rain or shine with packed lunches at different parks and play places and it became fun! I had hardly any money either; you can do it. Get out there and find some friends! Also know your limits if you are done having children ask your gyno for a tubal.

  • I will try. Most of my friend don't understand don't have kids or either to busy. It's very hard for me to get out the house ba use as you can imagine dressing 2 kids and getting everything else ready takes forever. But il try and meet some new mothers.

  • I was in the same boat, all my friends kids were grown, I had my child at 36. All my friends were at my old job, and when I left I had no one, they all drifted away. I didn't meet Janet til almost 1-1/2 years of going to the parks. I still thank god I met her, she made me laugh, and forget my struggles for awhile. Libraries have things for kids as well. When you have someone else to chat with while the kids play it helps. Take vitamin B too, it'll give you energy! Fingers crossed& will pray for you!

  • Thank you very much for you advise I will try and get out more and jus maybe up feel better cx

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