So I've been going out with this guy for about four months. I'm young- between the ages 11-14. The guy is the same age as me and we go to the same school. My parents kind of know...but they are both really strict about boy stuff. But I've had my first kiss with him and we kiss a lot but I don't go any further and I don't plan on it...he treats me really well and he is a very nice guy. But about a month ago, after school we were leaving the library together and when we had to leave, he stopped me and we kissed. It was a long kiss but not like a make out session. A teacher saw us but she was about 100 feet away. And the guys back was to her and there was a fence in front of us so she didn't see all of it. But she yelled at us to get off school campus...
So the next day, me and the guy get pulled out of class and our teacher gives us Behavior Slip. For the reason is says 'several accounts of PDA have been witnessed' if you keep reading the behavior slip, it says that the teacher has already contacted our parents and talked to them. I know I'm screwed cuz my parents and his will be really upset...
So I go home...and I tell my parents that we were hugging and he kissed me on the cheek and our teacher saw it wrong...my mom believed me, my dad kind of did...
For some background information- I'm a very good student in school, I'm taking a higher level class and have a B in that and I have all A's everywhere else. I am artistic and musical. I loves sports. So I'm very busy. I'm very friendly and everybody at school is my friend except for the 'popular girls' who hate me cuz they like my boyfriend. I'm usually really good at home, I do have sort of a sneaky character and I do sometimes have an attitude, especially when I'm stressed out about stuff. Lately, i have been stressed about my sports, school, and my appearance...right now I'm really self conscious about my weight and stuff like that. I guess I'm just a typical teenage girl lol.
Ok so now that that's out, I need some advice....what should I do?
My parents are believing what I told them...but should I tell them the truth? Or should I leave it the way it is and never do it again?

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  • No you've already told them a little white lie and they believe in you,just leave it at that because if you go and retract your first lie it might make them believe in you less next time you get told on, just carry on but if you get caught a second time kissing on some boy, then do the mature thing and just be staight with them and tell the truth.... good luck!

  • if you tell them the truth they will likely be angry that you lied about it but will be proud of you for telling the truth at all (i'm willing to bet they did the same middle school kissy face with someone in front of a teach so they'd have no right to be mad at you for pda)

  • Im thinking about waiting a little bit before telling the truth...
    But my patents on no way were like that when they were younger...basically my whole family is kinda against the whole dating in middle school thing

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