Angry, depressed, having a breakdown?

I'm so f****** mad, and I don't know why. Maybe I do actually.. my disgusting whale of a stepfather lives with us and he sounds like he's on his last breath each time he takes a few f****** steps and he's annoying as h*** (not to mention he sounds like he's going to vomit most of the times he coughs). That's 1 thing. Another thing, my Mom is depressed a lot and is hardly out of bed the whole day. There's two. The place I live in is like a cracker box IN a cracker box. I think I have a variety of disorders, but I've only been diagnosed with two. I don't have a job, GEWD OL' MICKEY D'S hasn't given me any kind of notice on my job app, and we don't have much money. Oh yes, and I don't have much of a life, and 3 of my friends have just.. f***** off. I don't live in the same cities and only have one of their phone numbers. All I have is their Skype, but none of them are ever on or talk to me. And I'm on plenty enough of the times they would be on. One of them even removed me! I think he was actually one of my more "preferred" friends, and I never even met him irl!! You know, when I'm "normal", the thought of fighting scares me. When I'm in moods like I am in now, throwing some random guy against a wall and beating the crap out of him sounds like fun. I'd never do it, but it does. I wish I knew why. Right now I just want to break something, but that would disturb the people next door, and in my house. F***! I wish I could shake this feeling of rage and anger. Oh yeah, I'm also a virgin. NO SURPRISE THERE HERP DERP HURR Thing is, I doubt I could stay in a relationship with the way I am currently.

Apr 30, 2012

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  • Maybe you are GAY!! ever thought about that? quit fighting it and go ahead and admit it, you a F*****!!

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