Moving on

So it would have been our year annivarsery and the though of it made me cry that day. to think that we were so strong then with everything that happend we broke up and havent spoke to eachother since. you were my best friend and now i see you in the halls and wonder where it all went. the day that should have been our annivarsery i looked at you and i think you were thinking about it too. i miss you sometimes but i feel like im really working on moving on from you. i want to move on but you were the only guy that i really wanted to be with and now thats over. i loved you i think that i really did. i was never able to let anyone into my life but you broke through. i told you so much and i trusted it with you. then i lost all trust in you and i often wonder sometimes what you have told other people about what i had told you. i hope that you never told people what i told you because i was never able to tell people things. i dont know if i will be able to let another guy in the way that i let you in because i let you in and i regret that everyday. i wonder what people know about me that i never wanted anyone to know but you. i dont know if you have told anyone but i often think that you have because at the end of our relationship i had no trust in you at all. i wish i could talk to you justone last time just so i could tell you everything that i wanted to tell you but couldnt when we broke up because i ws crying way to much. i was so upset when we broke up i couldnt believe what you had done to me, i had no trust in you anymore at all and i couldnt tellyou how i felt because i was so mad. all i could tell you was that we were through. i want to tellyou that i trusted you with everything and you completly hurt me and i dont know if i will ever trust someone like that again. i want you to know that you will not hold me back anymore that i will not cry abnout you anymore because you are not worth it. i want you to know that you will never be able to get back into my life because im not going to waste anymore of my time with you.!!!!!


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  • time heals everything :)

  • How old are you dear, sounds like you are still in school? Sounds like this was also your first love? Well, guess what ... billions of us has gone through the same thing, gotten over it and live happy, normal lives. Morn the loss of what you had and the person you miss so, but learn from the relationship and move on. Oh, and you don't have to share EVERYTHING with someone you date, and also not the stuff you don't want others to know about, that's what this site is for. And of course, the best remedy for it is not to do stuff that will embarass you when other people hear about it ....

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