Yayyy I don't love my crush anymore because of Facebook

OK so 2 months ago, I fell in love with this guy because I thought he was attractive. I knew that he was a j*** (he is passively aggressive and sarcastic) and I suspected that he was gay (he looks like he and one of his friends would make excellent.....partners + his hair kinda makes him look gay from an angle). But still, he had a hot body so I was really attracted to him.

But then I decided to not-like him anymore because of something kinda...abnormal?:

A couple of days ago, I sent him a friend request on facebook. He hasn't accepted my friend request yet and today I realized that he just made another facebook friend (public friend count increased) while he still left my request pending. So I was like, "He just doesn't wanna friend me on facebook for some reason." And then I was like, "To h*** with it; I'm not gonna bother with him anymore." I then proceeded to rescind my friend request.

The thing about leaving a friend request pending is that:

1. The person can't send you another request

2. It's more defensive than rejecting it. When you reject a request, the person will have an option to send another request to you. So if they see a "Send Friend Request" or "Add as Friend" button (rather than a "Friend Request Pending" button) after they just sent you a friend request, they can tell that their request just got rejected. So when you leave a request pending, they have no way of telling if you're gonna accept it or not. |||

So that's why I decided to not-bother with him anymore. He's making fb friends right now, and most likely is consciously ignoring mine. I had this type of thing happen with people I'm kinda familiar with and then I end up just being like "uhh I guess they'd rather not be friends with me so I'ma go leave em alone now". Then I just take away the request. So it's all like a super repellent because you feel like people don't trust or want you, making you believe that you shouldn't waste time trying to be with them.

This is an odd story but I know that I shouldn't tell people at school about this. I don't want them to start friending me (even if they don't want to) because they know how much their facebook actions influence my perception of them.

Now that I don't love this j***/suspected gay guy anymore, I guess I can be a lot happier with this other guy who I have a crush on (who is kinda cute + really nice and affectionate).


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  • Yeah carry on with other boys just stay away from that gay

  • Yea...like I really do think that he and his buddy would make awfully good partners. He just seems to really like him. But I sure as h*** know that I better not say that in school or else they might both s**** me over. So I'ma go shut up and laugh silently....(it's actually pretty funny; there's no cold-hard evidence that he's gay but I still kinda think he could be)

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