If I don't keep my nails short, I bury them on my back...

(Beware, I hope this confession doesn't gross you too much, Dear Reader).

I started hurting myself since I was 11. Yes, I still do. Whenever I feel frustrated/stressed/depressed/obsessed I start doing it. It all started with one tiny pimple, but I kept doing it even on the healthy parts of the skin. At the beginning it was a conscious act, but now I don't even notice when I'm doing it until I taste blood (I developed the habit of eating the little pieces of flesh, I must admit there is some pleasure for me in that too).

I'm trying to stop and, yay, it's been working... slowly but surely. I wonder if anyone has a similar issue. I've always felt somewhat isolated in this matter.

Thanks for reading.

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  • Tell your parents, get them to help you.

  • Thank you but I think I'm a little old for that now (25), and, they being religious, they tend to judge before actually helping. I've had to deal alone with many things since my childhood.

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