Im dangerous

Im a good person,i give free stuff to homeless people,am always generous to my friends and always pay my debts to whomever,i scorn stealing and betraying your friends. But sometimes I feel like an evil m***********, whenever i am standing next to someone that is obviously inferior to me when it comes to street fighting,such as an old lady or a toddler,i have thoughts of punching them as hard as i can and doing potentially lethal wrestling moves on them and just thinking of how awesomely devastating it would be to them if i did it,I have thoughts like this everywhere i go about all kinds of people,teachers,old crossing guards,wallmart greeters,middle aged moms strolling their babies,the babies in the stroller,the mail man,hot girls that work at JC pennies,the ice cream man,this retarded kid that lives down the street from me,little kids riding their bikes,my grandmas,my therapist. i just wanna beat the s*** out of all of them!of course i have never acted upon these feelings as if i did i would be in prison for the rest of my life.I never have thoughts like this when it comes to my friends or girlfriends,i like a good old fight but i dont go around starting them.Its just whenever im around really weak or helpless people I feel like Pounding their skull in.Maybe i should get help for this,i fear that one day i may act upon these feelings and kill someone.Am I a psycho?

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  • maybe you just play too much violent video games or watch too much TV. It would be good for you if you started to train some sports like kick boxing etc. it would help to relieve a lot of tension

  • I'm gonna say you need serious help. your obviously a sick individual and I'd never want to say suicide is the answer but... I'm just gonna leave it at that.

  • all i'll say is looks can be deceiving, my mum is 5ft 6in tall and id wager 500 pounds she'd kick your ass.

  • The thoughts you are having are dangerous and it wouldn't hurt to talk to someone. I urge you to find a therapist/counselor with whom you can discuss these violent thoughts with.

  • most men have dat kinda imagination...
    probbly bcuz of testosterone [harmone]
    u see male animals fightin out on d road for no reason
    dont worry just control urself :D

  • You're not psycho, you're gutless. Notice how you only think about hurting people weaker than you? Too scared you'll have your own a*** kicked by picking on someone else. Loser!

  • Calling someone a gutless while you're hiding behind a computer screen with an anonymous username is very ironic. Besides, being scared of having your ass kicked by someone doesn't make you a loser, it makes you intelligent. I'm NOT sticking up for people who harm other people, I'm just saying.

  • I get what you are trying to say but no, being anonymous online unless your bullying, is not being "gutless" however wanting to fight only weaker people, including those with mental issues and infants is ridiculously gutless. (and sick)

  • Yes u are.... Not in a good way go get help

  • Unintentional violent thoughts are actually on a "checklist" for OCD. Also if you mean psycho as in "psychopath" then you aren't. If you worry that you would hurt someone that means you aren't a narcissist devoid of human emotion who might enjoy harming other people for his/her own gain (that's a psychopath). Talking to your therapist about this isn't a bad idea though.

  • He explained that the only reason he wouldn't hurt people is because he'd go to jail, not because he cares about what he'd do. So, OP, you might be psycho and you need help.

  • I can't help but think that because he said he fears that he would kill someone means he has a bit of emotion. Though, it could just be because he would go to jail like you said. Anyways, I still think that you should talk to your therapist (like I said before). I'm not a professional and I doubt many people here are either.

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